3D Cakes

All of my cakes are individually designed and are personal to the valued customer ordering the cake, I am therefore unable to give you an exact price without a consultation. The price of the cakes depends on the size, type and the detail of the design.

I am more than happy to to offer advice on the size of the cake you require which is based on the number of guests you have and whether you are having the cake as a desert or as a ‘coffee slice’, but ultimately the size of the cake is down to the individual.

My 3D cakes come in all different shapes and sizes and i can pretty much turn my hand to any design. All of my ingredients are locally sourced (within 20 miles) using the best produce available. My cakes come in a range of finishes which will need to be taken into consideration when choosing a design. Once we have agreed a budget, design, flavour and size and an estimation of the time it will take to complete the cake, I will then be able to provide you with a quote – usually within 24 hours

The following offers you a guide to my pricing:

Your cake will always be delivered* or collected in a sturdy cake box on a cake drum which will be included in the overall price. The length of time to make the cake should also be taken into consideration when planning on the design for your cake. This will be taken into account when pricing the cake. 3D cakes take a little longer to make than a basic cake:


My 3D cakes start at £110, the more the detail the higher the cost.